Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What types of insurance does the Reilly Insurance Agency offer?

We offer Automobile Insurance, Homeowners, Business Insurance, Tenant & Renters Insurance, Condominium Insurance and Personal Umbrella Insurance policies.

Is automobile insurance available for everyone?

Yes. Since most states require registered vehicles to carry liability coverage, they have "state agencies" which will insure anyone. Even drivers with no prior insurance, DUI’s and multiple violations have an option to purchase insurance through these state run insurance carriers. Most standard carriers also offer insurance to drivers with less than perfect driving records.

How much insurance do I need on my home?

Typically, agents will advise their clients to insure their home for the amount it would cost to re-build if there were a total loss (like a fire). However, there are often requirements set by the lender which increase the insurable value to meet the loan obligation. It’s also important to add an inflation endorsement onto the policy since the reconstruction costs of homes typically increase over time. Be sure that your homeowners insurance policy has the coverage you really need.

What is an "Umbrella" insurance policy?

A Personal Umbrella Liability policy is an extension of liability which increases the amount of liability coverage on your home, auto, boat, or investment property above and beyond the underlying limits. This policy acts as an extra layer of protection once your other policies have been exhausted. If a driver has underlying limits of $300,000 for bodily injury, and the victim of an accident has $500,000 of medical bills, the umbrella policy would pay for the extra $200,000.